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Our general Handyman, Gardening and Basic Maintenance Services are charged at: 

First Hour
£45/hour (+ VAT) Per Tradesperson

Half Hour (Thereafter)            
£22.50/half hour
(+ VAT) Per Tradesperson    

Please call us or use the contact form to discuss discounts for new ongoing contracts and, for information on other tradesperson fees.

Estimates / Quotes, Site visits and Design Advice are Free with No Obligation

We provide estimates based on all the available information at the time estimate is given.

This is subject to change due to circumstances such as but not limited to:

• Changes in material prices

• Details of the job changing

• Unforeseen issues after initial inspections

We always endeavour to let you, the client know if any issues are found or any changes need to take place as soon as possible. We will discuss with you the course of action you wish to take in these circumstances.

You may also wish to change details, add on jobs not estimated initially so we will rework the estimate to reflect your wishes.

Online banking



Please note:

There is a minimum 1 hour charge, then you will be charged by the half hour.

Any parking fees will be added to the price of the job on completion.

All materials purchased and any specialist tools hired including delivery or collection must be paid for in full prior to commencement. Refer to our terms and conditions for full details. 

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