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House Huzband's Limited Prices are Transparent!

General Handyperson.

We charge by the half hour after the first hour, just to make things fair for everyone.

Initial first hour is £45/hour (plus VAT) then, £20/half hour (plus VAT) thereafter.

The competition?        

 (per their websites as at 09/01/23)

Oncall Handyman                                No prices listed

Silver Saints                                         £50+VAT for the first half-hour, £25+ per half hour thereafter.

Fantastic Handyman                            £38.00 inclusive of VAT per half hour. £30 thereafter.

Swift Handyman                                   £75.00 per hour

Scooter Handyman                              £40.00 per half hour

Handyman Express                              £58.00 per first hour

he SW London Handyman                   £45.00 + vat per half hour

Express Handyman                              No prices listed

Handyman Russ                                   £30.00 per hour, minimum charge £45.00

Let's all get it right!

We want you (the client), to get real value for money and we want all our staff to be happy with their own wages. No-one is greedy, we at House Huzband's Limited just want a fair deal for all and peace of mind that everyone is happy.

Please note:

There is a minimum 1 hour charge, then you will be charged by the half hour.

Any parking fees will be added to the price of the job on completion.

All materials purchased and any specialist tools hired including delivery or collection must be paid for in full.

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